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Our business was born from a simple fact; the future of work is flexible, but the way we describe and contract for work is broken. We believe that the engine of the self-employed economy is activity-based work statements, easy to understand outcomes and transparent pricing models.

With two Innovate UK grants under our belt, the first for Design and the second for Emerging Technologies Machine Learning, our SaaS tool embraces big data and clever algorithms to provide our clients with insightful ways of agreeing and jointly defining work.

Whether you are a buyer of services (from teams of consultants to single person engagements), or the seller of resources with repeatable outcomes, Deployed’s platform helps you agree and contract work faster, cheaper, with less risk, and with improved delivery performance.

Deployed - Redefining the Statement of Work

Why Deployed?

Better Value

Better Value

Save 15% on people-related contracts
Reduce Clutter

Reduce Clutter

Eliminate admin, re-work and scope creep
Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Understand and remove contract risk
Improve Time to Sign

Improve Time to Sign

Reduce speed-to-review to < 60 minutes

Latest News & Updates

Deployed co founder co founds The Nine, a mentor group supporting women in tech

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Deployed - How we secured an Innovate UK grant
How we secured government grant funding for our start-up

I first came across Innovate UK, a government funding initiative, in early 2017. I listened avidly to a fellow founder discussing their success story about how they had been awarded a life changing sum of money for their start-up. No equity and no requirements to pay back the money. It sounded like a story too good to be true.

Deployed - What is a Statement of Work
What is a Statement of Work?

A statement is a sentence that says something is true, like “pizza is delicious.” There are other kinds of statements you can make in business, in any industry, from any area of expertise, and they all share a common trait: they mark out a clear and definitive position. It is the same for ‘work’.

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