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Scope Editors' Masterclass

Our established Scope Masterclass, designed for teams that review Statements of Work, to learn together. Proven to help you create clearer, more measurable scope that saves time, money and safeguards outcomes. Join the procurement professionals who are investing in their scoping skills!


  • Flipped learning micro-course to prepare learners
  • Expert lead online sessions with team breakouts
  • Quick reference commercial model guide
  • Toolkit with check lists and question sets
  • Post masterclass goal setting and check-ins
  • Five virtual lessons
  • Certificate of completion

Who benefits?


Teams who support the business to review and approve Scope and Statements of Work


Teams who safeguard the business from commercial, technical and delivery risk


Teams responsible for sourcing and working with suppliers

What you learn

Scope Review: Spotting Problem Words

Our masterclass kicks off with a deep dive into the art of scrutinising scopes. You'll discover how to dissect documents with a critical eye, identify problem words, and foresee potential pitfalls. By mastering this skill, you'll gain the ability to proactively mitigate issues, ensuring a smoother procurement process from start to finish.

Deciphering Jargon vs. Technical Language

Ambiguous scope can lead to dispute. The objective of all scope writing should be to ensure that anyone can read it and understand what is going to be delivered.

In contracts, jargon and technical language often seem synonymous, but they can be worlds apart. We'll equip you with the tools to differentiate between the two, empowering you to navigate complex terminologies with confidence. This skill will help streamline communication and eliminate ambiguity in your contracts.

Rapid Review Techniques and Early Engagement

Time is money, and nowhere is this truer than in procurement. Our masterclass will teach you how to rapidly review Statements of Work and provide effective feedback. With this skill, you'll not only save valuable time but also contribute significantly to cost reduction efforts within your organisation.

Examine techniques for achieving early engagement with key stakeholders. Win early engagement with playbooks for collaboration with high value business stakeholders, thereby improving Net Promoter Scores.

Discover where to focus your energy for maximum impact and how to foster collaboration between procurement and project teams from the outset. By aligning your efforts with the broader goals of your organization, you'll become an invaluable asset to your team.

Create Measurable Deliverables and Acceptance Criteria

Gain a deep understanding of how aligning your work goals with deliverables can lead to the achievement of essential business outcomes. Discover the art of crafting acceptance criteria that guarantee key results and ensure success.

We'll guide you through the process of setting up acceptance procedures that foster mutual benefits for both providers and clients, ensuring your projects stay on the right track. Learn how to utilise the Statement of Work to establish robust metrics, supercharging productivity across your projects.

Assist requestors in reimagining their project scopes, making them not just desirable but also necessary, verifiable, and entirely achievable.

Ensure that deliverables, acceptance criteria, and performance metrics are clearly defined, allowing for transparent expectations and standards. Establish acceptance processes that can be easily followed to secure timely payments.

Shift Commercial models away from Time & Materials.

Support business users to move away from T&M to fees-at-risk and educate stakeholders for ‘next time’ engagements.

Discover how to strategically design retained payments to support, rather than hinder, your projects and incentivize desired outcomes. Additionally, learn how to effectively structure and negotiate retained payment arrangements.

Immerse yourself in real-world case studies covering a wide range of industries, from consulting and IT outsourcing to ISO 9001 compliance and power generation for engineering. This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to create robust metrics that drive success in any field.

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