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Agile Masterclass

When commissioning work developed using the Agile Methodology, it's essential to document the Agile processes within the Statement of Work. In this context, less emphasis is placed on defining scope, deliverables, and timelines, particularly during the development period. Instead, the primary focus is on outlining how work will be done, prioritized, and collaboratively agreed upon. Our Masterclass consists of an online module and a three-hour online workshop thoughtfully designed to enhance your comprehension and practical application of the critical components within an Agile Statement of Work.


  • Agile procurement template
  • Overview of Agile value and principles
  • Review of Agile working methods, ceremonies and roles
  • How Agile manages priorities and time
  • Suitable pricing models for Agile work
  • How producing usable outcome changes termination

Who benefits?


Teams who support the business to review and approve Scope and Statements of Work

Service Providers

Team members who create Statements of Work for their clients

Budget Holders

Business owners who draft and create Statements of Work

What you learn

Options for contracting Agile work

This masterclass explores how to best contract for outcomes that may not be known at the outset of a project when work is being developed using Agile methodologies. You will examine how to contract in alignment with the Agile values, which prioritize a working solution over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan. We will explore various strategies and approaches for contracting Agile work, including how different Agile phases can be contracted in distinct ways. For instance, the Discovery and Design phases may involve specific scope and deliverables, while Development, aiming for a working solution as an outcome, may require a different structure, such as fixed-price sprints with monthly termination.

Learners will explore real-world examples, including the structure of MSAs and SoWs, and learn how to work with termination clauses."

Commercial Models for Agile work

We'll explore various commercial models that can be applied to Agile work. These models range from Fixed Price sprints and user journeys to 'Money for Nothing, Change for Free.' We will examine different scenarios to determine which models are suitable for various types of work.

Agile methodology yields usable outcomes that help safeguard projects against the risks of non-delivery or incorrect delivery. Participants will also delve into the pros and cons of using Termination as a means of managing risk in Agile Contracts.

How work is prioritised in Agile methodologies

We will examine how work is prioritized and agreed upon in Agile projects, as this is a core method for managing risk in Agile contracts. A crucial aspect of collaboration between buyers and providers in Agile projects involves the buyer determining priorities, while the provider estimates the effort required. These two elements work together to ensure that the desired outcomes are produced within the specified timescale and budget.

We will also explore how a 'Burn Down Chart' can be used to estimate project velocity

Governance, roles and Agile projects

We will introduce you to the various roles, meetings, and 'ceremonies' typically found in an Agile project, explaining how they contribute to keeping the work on track. For the purpose of this learning experience, we will focus on the Scrum methodology. Additionally, we will examine the systems and data that help maintain work progress and discuss how they can be agreed upon and de-risked through the Agile contract.

We will emphasise the significance of identifying key individuals within the Agile process, such as the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. Furthermore, we will explore strategies for mitigating project risks by ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and experience

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