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How much do you spend per year on projects in these service categories?

Advice and consulting from firms like McKinsey, Accenture or Deloitte.
Audit, legal, tax, compliance or regulatory support from firms like Deloitte, EY or KPMG.
IT services, transformation and technology spend on IBM, Cognizant, Accenture or telcos like AT&T.
Digital and marketing spend (including PR firms).
Preferred Managed Service Providers like Randstad, Magnit, Manpower, Hays or Allegis.
The long tail of 'other' which is often resource augmentation from general service providers
Different categories have different average costs - this should be an estimated average.
Most large enterprises take between 5-8 weeks from writing to approval.
The percentage of projects that are completed with preferred suppliers.
Total savings per year

Estimated cost reductions through accurate scope, consolidation with PSL suppliers, less overhead from suppliers, fewer extensions and less scope creep.

Influence project outcomes

Estimated spend on projects that do not meet intended objectives. Influence projects with more accurate scope, clear deliverables and less scope creep for providers servicing your requirements.

impacted project spend
Dispute avoidance

Pay on time and with confidence that incentives are linked to project performance and formal project closure.

of payment disputes avoided
Time to sign improvements

Hours saved on every statement of work. It takes 6 weeks on average to launch projects. With Deployed it can be achieved in <5 days.

hours saved on every SoW
Correct classification

Using a consistent services procurement front door with Deployed's triage platform.

of additional savings via triage

Further savings by avoiding re-work for similar projects already undertaken in other departments.

Fewer emails
Hours saved
Total process savings
You spend
on projects with third parties each year
It takes
days to get work started
You sign
statements of work every year

How were these numbers calculated?

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Work begins before it starts®

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Work begins before
it starts®

Contact the team at Deployed to get more information about learning, automation or pilots.