Deployed’s presignature®️ methodology brings your requestors, project managers, service providers, and approvers together and aligns them to the same goal.

Projects fail during preparation

Bad decisions and bad documents; the wrong type of supplier with the wrong pricing model.

Confusion over SoW spend and immature business requestors who need education and support in defining scope.

50% of projects fail and at least 20% of portfolio spend is simply wasted.

"Quietly but powerfully, projects have displaced operations as the economic engine of our times. The value of project-oriented economic activity… is over $20 trillion per year."

Harvard Business Review

Services Procurement and External Talent Orchestration

Where 50% of your total human capital is non-employee resources, make sure you are doing the right thing. Services or talent, create the right intake, decision and documentation before work starts. Idea-to-signature (presignature®) puts the focus on simplification and harmonisation of requests.


Build the narrative
Frame the problem
Define the work


Review the work
Price the services
Enforce policies


Publish the work
Manage obligations
Measure outcomes
Decision Automation

Make great upfront decisions

Support requestors with automation to choose and understand whether talent or services is the right choice, guide them to the right fulfilment channel, and choose the right price for the work.

With Deployed
Without Deployed

Accurate classification of requirements

Automated decision making

Most productive fulfilment channel

Misclassification of demand

Incorrect interpretation of policy

Increased costs of delivery

Document Automation

Use AI and automation to write like the best

Every person in your company is an author of scope, and so are the thousands of service providers who are writing on your behalf. To achieve project success, support everyone with the best training and technology to write the best.

With Deployed
Without Deployed

Accurate scoping and services

Standardised models of delivery

Services always in line with policy

Scope creep and missed goals

Limited standardisation of services

Risk from non-compliance

Data and Reporting

Build your own Enterprise Knowledge Graph

P&L owners are operating in an information vacuum, duplicating over 10% of work across the portfolio, and missing opportunities to learn from mistakes and teach others how to improve their work.

With Deployed
Without Deployed

Portfolio visibility and predictability

Shared lessons learned across teams

Total cost understanding

Duplication of work

Repeating project mistakes

Extra costs of delivery

A scope writing platform designed for any business


More quality time spent on the description of the services, not the form of agreement.

Fast and agile

8x faster time to sign by establishing an operating cadence that allows the organisation to manage fast and quickly adjust.

Aligns teams

Everyone in the chain is involved from day zero and collaborates in one end-to-end preparation phase.


Ensuring everyone across the organisation has an ongoing line of sight into the status and progress being made.

Better decisions

Earlier and more meaningful engagement in the journey means there is more commercial choice and innovation.

Outcome focused

Moving from roles and tasks to results and outcomes and creating better ROI for everyone.

Work begins before it starts®

Contact the team at Deployed to get more information about learning, automation, or platform demos.

Work begins before
it starts®

Contact the team at Deployed to get more information about learning, automation or pilots.